The classic “what the customer wanted” tire swing cartoon has its own website

Patrick Gillam, Newforma | 06/09/2008 | Comments: 0 | Views: 16342

Surely you’ve seen it: a series of simple line drawings showing a children’s swing hanging from a tree branch. The drawings show the swing in different forms, perhaps with two seats, another time with three ropes, with captions describing them - “as proposed,” “as specified,” “as designed” and more. Here’s one example.

Here’s another.

Search on the web and you’ll find people saying this cartoon harks back to a magazine article in the 1970s, although opinions vary - of course - as to who drew it and where it appeared. Whatever its provenance, now a website has appeared that makes everyone a prospective cartoonist.

At, you can suggest new panels, write your own captions and save the result to amuse your coworkers and rankle your managers.

Here’s hoping we’re all engaged in delivering what the customer wants, as opposed to the variations on view at!


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