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PIM Discussion Forum view more »      contribute »

  • Applying a Form Letter to a list of contacts for a specific project.

    Just wondering if there is any way to apply a form letter to a list of contacts in one project (rather than have to filter through all contacts)? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • Meeting Minutes

    We have had a lot of difficulty creating a Meeting Minutes Report that delivers what we consider some basic information. Some items that we want to be able to Report on are: If I include an Action Item I’d like to have 2 Fields -…

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    Info Exchange Discussion Forum view more »      contribute »

    • Cloud delivery questions

      I’ve begun playing with Cloud Delivery features in 10e.  I’ve worked out delivering a file transfer from Project Center via Info Exchange to a Dropbox account.  My question is: What about when the client adds files to it?  Will those client added files get transferred…

    • Direct Access to Project Emails through Infoexchange

      Is there anyway to deep link to project email and even cache credentials? I’m trying to wean some from overloaded Outlook accounts to using Infoexchange for searching filed emails and the simpler I can make it, the better; Even better if I could wrap that…

    Newforma Administrator Discussion Forum view more »      contribute »

    • Cannot See Mark-ups In Newforma Viewer

      I have a submittal that has been marked up using Newforma Viewer. The text that was added in this session is not visibile; however, you can search for it and it finds it, but does not show on the screen. The lines and arrows that…

    • Document Control and Revit

      Are there any tutorials available showing how to link your revit drawings to document control?