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  • FIFA 15 must have diverse skills and personalities

    franchise built into an elite group capable of boast greater than 100 million total sales. FIFA may be the world’s bestselling sports game, EA’s biggest property, and something of the very bulletproof releases inside entire medium. FIFA is really a phenomenon. Thirdly, the teammates within…

  • How long does it take for the Project Timline to publish updates to MS Outlook subscribers?

    I just sent out an ICS file to my Internal and External project team using the “Send Calendar via E-mail” feature in the Project Timeline.  After sending out the ICS file, I added several entries to the Project Timeline.  How frequent does the Project Timeline…

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    • Shared Folder within a Shared Folder

      Is this bad practice? I have a project with a shared folder (B) within a shared folder (A), when we synchronize, shared folder (A), shared folder (B) inside (A) doesn’t synchronize.  But in another project it does. I’m a little confused as to why. Thanks!…

    • Shared Folder Storage Capacity

      Hi, I have been trying to find out if there is any space limit (storage capacity) for the use of “Shared folder” in Newforma. My understanding is all the contents that reside in the shared folder will get copied and be accessible via the web…

    Newforma Administrator Discussion Forum view more »      contribute »

    • MySQL Project Timeline Table

      Could someone point me to the table where the project timeline data is stored in the MySQL database. Thank you

    • log files

      We just finally completed our upgrade to V 11 and I wonder if I am noticing something new or just never paid attention to it - immediate access to log files and errors/warnings!  This is fantastic for trying to troubleshoot…thanks! If I missed this before,…