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    • Widgets for NIX

      Can we have more widgets for NIX?

    • Problem With E-Mail Auto Reply

      We are having a problem with Newforma info exchange when people (typically clients) try to reply to the exchange with either a confirmation or question. The issue stems from newforma not using the email address of the person sending the exchange as the return/reply to…

    Newforma Administrator Discussion Forum view more »      contribute »

    • Contact Export: Red Text in Some Rows

      When I Export Contacts through Project Center Administration, some of the rows in the Excel workbook are formatted red. Does this indicate something special about the contact? Thank you, -Chadd

    • How to Stop NIX Synchronization

      I have a Document Set that started the synchronization process several days ago.  It did not complete, and attempts to update the document set by using “Synchronize Contents” results in a error because the folder is already syncing. How do I reset or stop the…