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  • Millennial marketing: The key to success

    Millennials are in their careers and paving the way to a bright future. As those who are making money but have few responsibilities to pay for, they are some of your biggest customers right now. And if you aren’t advertising to them, you should be.…

  • Issuing Different Files.

    I have a query about file issuing. I have 290 Drawings, which I want to issue. I have previously issued them as DWG files, as per the client request, now a contractor want a copy of them, but in PDF format. How can I issue…

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    • Issue Drawings as PDFs

      My company is new to Newforma, and we are still trying to put the correct procedures in place. Currently, I have all the drawings and their revisions within Document control. But we have a policy as a company of not issuing DWG files unless specifically…

    • Widgets for NIX

      Can we have more widgets for NIX?

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    • NPCS Server Disk space

      I have a 2008 R2 server with a boot partition of 25gb that only has the OS installed and then a separate partition for the installation of all Newforma software. Disk space on the boot partition has been steadily falling due to an inability to…

    • Unable to Cast Object of type 'System.byte' to type 'system.string'

      I have had a user who suddenly receives the message above. It follows her from computer to computer, I have removed all her “my sites” and have gone through her settings, I have removed the newforma folder from the %appdata% location… all to no avail.…